Saturday, October 5, 2013

NXT Condos at Windermere By the Lake | •This Condo project is being developed by Cresford.

NXT Condos at Windermere By the Lake

  • This Condo project is being developed by Cresford.
  • Only a few units remaining in the complex
  • New model suits built.
  • Located on the Humber Bay Stores in South Etobicoke

NXT Condos - Etobicoke Shores (Humber Bay)

History of Humber Bay Stores:

Humber Bay Shores use to be home to a number of old and sleezly motels along the southern shore of Etobicoke. All kinds of crimes and prositution use to (and still do) take place in this area. However the condo boom, has brought new blood and revitalization to the area. And with it new buildings and residents. The landmark buildings that dominate coming towards the area is the grand Palace Pier Condo Buildings. Extremely high end, built in the 1980's and 1990's before there were any other condos. They are still the tallest buildings on the Strip. But not for much longer as the new Eau Du Soleil is beginning to roll into sales. It will be the tallest tower in Toronto outside the downtown core at a stunning 216 meters tall. It is coming onto the market at a time, when condo sales are slipping, but likely still enough for a few more monster projects to squeeze through on the tail end.

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