Thursday, April 18, 2013

Absolute World Condo Towers - Showcase to the World

Absolute World Condo Towers - Showcase to the World

There use to be a time, when Toronto was know for its very internatioal style of building. Very minimal and straight forward, commonly known as a box. The Toronto box is world famous now, and seemingly at the very end of the mad construction boom that we have been having here, we are breaking the mold that has been set by Mies Van Der Rohe, and IM Pei with their landmark International Designs...well landmark at the time of the Commerce Court Tower and TD Centre Complex.

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There is a reason as to why the international style dominates Toronto. Toronto is a city that has been bred on pure efficiency, and to be straight up, when it comes to offices and housing, nothing beats a box. In terms of living space or open concept working enviroments, your design choice in uninterrupted when you use this very simple geometric design. This efficiency in design, seemed set to play out for a while..

..However, something happened, about 7 or 6 years ago, in Mississauga. Maybe something that will change design in Toronto, perhaps Canada forever. It was a condo in Mississauga complex that was as borning as hell, in fact so borning, if you drove by it, you wouldn't even notice it, even though it soared between 30 to 40 floors high. The condo complex was called the Absolute Development, by Cityzen out in Mississauga. 2 very ordinary condo boxes. Didn't stand out and likely not much to make anything think thy would stand out at all. Except that there was an International Design Competition which was launched for the final two phases of the project.

This is what happened at this time...

Absolute World Design Competition

Rajkind Architectos

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